Al-Mustafa Open University (MOU) is the virtual study branch of Al-Mustafa International University,with aiming to disseminate religious studies and to advance interfaith dialogue through cyberspace. Some of the advantages of this university are as follow; no need to attend the traditional classes,no time limitations,no class size limitation,accessing more effective instruction and learning approaches,improving the society level of knowledge,being cost-effective,and having easy access to learning materials.

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This university intends to hold its first international conference under the title of “Capacity and Impact of Cyberspace in Promoting Religious Education”,in order to bring together academics and researchers to discuss about the capacity of virtual education and to exchange ideas regarding the ways to promote Religious Studies in cyberspace with no limitation of time and place.

 Full paper deadline Extension
International conference on Capacity and Impact of Cyberspace in promoting Religious Education According to the several requests from some scholars and researchers, the deadline of full paper has been extended till 7th of October 2017.
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Paper deadline
Please submit your paper abstract before the deadline. After 06 August 2017, we will just receive full papers up to 21 September 2017.
2017-08-06 more

Call for papers
First International Conference of Capacity and Impact of Cyberspace in Promoting Religious Education October. 2017,Al-Mustafa Open University,Qom,I.R.Iran Organized by Deputy of Research Department
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Call for Cooperation
MOU invites all universities,academic centers,and religious institutions,who are interested in the topic,to establish cooperation with MOU. The help and support of other institutions,will improve the academic level of this conference,and open new perspectives.
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  • Educational capacities of cyberspace;
  • The role of cyberspace in interfaith dialogue;
  • The role of cyberspace in developing and strengthening peaceful interfaith coexistence;
  • Cultural impacts of  E-learning system on the behavior of religious studies students;
  • Analysis of the status quo of religious education on cyberspace;
  • The role of states and religious organizations in web-based teachings (in order to promote religious education);
  • Strategies of institutions for web-based religious education;
  • The mutual role of virtual and face-to-face education in transferring religious knowledge;
  • Analysis of  the level of promoting religious education in web-based teachings;
  • Opportunities and challenges of  religious education based on new communication technologies;
  • The impact of applications on religious education (particularly digital libraries and data banks);
  • Analysis of web-based religious education;
  • Religious education in cyberspace in the contemporary world;
  • Last achievements of religious education in cyberspace;
  • New technologies and their role in the development of web-based religious education;
  • Future studies of religious education based on E-learning;
  • And any other related topic
Important Dates

 Full paper deadline: 21 Septemper 2017

Registration deadline: 30 September  2017

Conference days: 19 & 20 October 2017

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