The International Conference on “Imam Ali Ibn Musa Al-Reza(as) and the Scientific Civilizational Movement of Islamic world”



Imam Reza(AS) and scientific movement
- Imam Al-Reza(AS) and humanities (interpertaion of the Quran and the Quranic sciences,jurisprudence,Principles of Islamic jurisprudence,philosophy,theology,theosophy,history,administration,economy,
Imam Al-Reza (AS) and The sciences; (medicine,nutrition,astronomy,cosmology,etc.).
- The effective characteristics of Imam Al-Reza’s (AS) tradition (Sirah) in the field of the sciences before and after migration from Medina.
- Imam Al-Reza (AS) and production,efflorescence and development of sciences.

Imam Reza(AS) and the civilizational movement
- Civilization and the civilizing elements in Imam Al-Reza’s (AS) tradition (Sirah); (the scientific-mental,cultural social,artistic-architectural,political,geographical,economical and etc. elements).
- The cultural-civilizational effects of migration of Imam Reza (AS) to khorasan; (symbols,monuments,shrines and etc).
- Imam Al-Reza (AS) and culture; (family culture,citizenship culture,nations culture,administration system and etc.)
- Imam Al-Reza (AS) and civilizing communications; (hardware and software).
-The effects of Imam Al-Reza’s (AS) migration on geography of the Islamic world.
- The dialogue of religions and schools in Imam Al-Reza’s (AS) tradition (Sirah).
- The political system model in Imam Al-Reza’s (AS) tradition (Sirah).
- Imam Al-Reza (AS) and art.

Imam Al-Reza(AS) and mutual effects of the Iranian and Islamic civilizations 
- Imam Al-Reza (AS) and the intellectual-cognitive paradigm about globalization,civilization and development of the sciences.
- Iran’s civilization and Imam Reza’s(AS) migration; (the civilizational background of the Iranians).
- The role of the endowments to Imam Al-Reza (AS) in development and protection of the Islamic culture and civilization.
- The role of the Holly shrine of Imam Al-Reza (AS) in protection and development of Razavi culture.
- Imam Al-Reza (AS) and the current civilizing movements.

- Imam Al-Reza (AS) and the revision of religious thought.
- Imam Al-Reza (AS) and the Islamic revolution of Iran.
- Dialogue of religions and schools In  Al-Imam Reza’s (AS) tradition (Sirah).
- Bibliography of the civilization works in the field of  Imam Al-Reza s(AS) Sirah.



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